Xtreamer Sidewinder ( Passive Cooling )

€29.99 (Incl. BTW & taksen)
€24.78 (Excl. BTW & taksen)

Turn your xtreamer to a silent device. The Sidewinder kit is comprised of 2 alluminum heatsinks that were specificaly designed to make your xtreamer totaly silent yet cool and stylish. Both sides can be fitted.

When the Xtreamer is turned on, you should notice that the Xtreamer SideWinder heat sink becomes slightly warm, this means it is working correctly. If after a few hours of use, the heat sink is not warm, the new cooler has not been fitted correctly - unplug the Xtreamer and check that the heat sink is in line with the plastic on all four sides.

What's in the box:

- Xtreamer Cooler heatsinks X 2 (for both sides of the Xtreamer device)
- Thermal Paste
- Quick install guide.

  • Model: Xtreamer Sidewinder ( Passive Cooling )